When your hookup kisses you goodbye: top farewell signs

 Even with no strings attached, we enjoy being with some of our casual partners and don’t want to let them go from our life. However, it happens and we need to recognize in advance.

  • Eyes contact. Our hookup may avoid the eyes contact when the breakup is close. The voice and smile may remain the same but the glance rarely lies, so pay attention.
  • The kiss differs. If the kiss is obviously longer or shorter than usually when you two say bye, if it’s more passionate or less emotional, it may have a special meaning too.
  • Unusual actions. If along with the unusual kiss, actions are also weird, try to analyze. Maybe your hookup wants to take the gifts and stuff back, or acts in a cold way.
  • Another person. The breakup becomes more than real when another partner is mentioned often in your conversations. It means they are focused on that affair.
  • Verbal farewell. It happens that our hookups remind to us we’re just casual partners, or joke about that. But if this time they sound serious, it might be true.

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