Reputable Asian dating apps: How to choose the best platform?

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How to choose the best Asian dating app?

Modern high-end technologies have considerably made interaction a lot easier in comparison to the last century never mind the previous epochs when people didn’t even dream of the Internet. Due to the world network, contemporary dudes have much more opportunities to date and hook up with young women and girls.

It’s actually great that nowadays there aren’t any obstacles and borders for those guys who are in an active quest for female soulmates, girlfriends, brides, partners or wives. Dating websites and apps that have appeared for the last two decades are ultimate assistants in the absorbing process of getting acquainted with the opposite sex.

The contemporary market of dating apps

If you as a man in the search for a hookup or a romance take a look at dating apps available on the Internet, you’ll find out an endless array of such platforms. Even pickup artists can be confused by a wide choice of hookup apps.

Therefore, the very first purpose men need to set should be the selection of appropriate platforms. Experts and special sites, forums, or magazines will help guys to sort out the issue.

Advice: While picking out a quality dating app, first and foremost, you should focus on the criteria that distinguish a reliable platform. Look into these criteria and apply to them each time when you get to know a new hookup app.

Criteria of reputable dating apps

Dudes have different purposes when they decide to sign up for a popular dating website or download one or several highly recommended apps. Whatever platform guys choose, they, definitely, need to pay attention to the main criteria that will help them to avoid wasting time and facing embarrassing situations:

  • Free of charge membership
  • The users of the app should be from all over the world or at least from Asian countries
  • The number of the community members should be quite big, at least over 100 000
  • There are a cutting-edge safety system and protection from hackers available
  • Active interaction between the app’s users
  • An up-to-date verification procedure through which all members undergo
  • A wide choice of ways of interaction including video chat and Skype
  • Reply rate should be 30% and more but not less
  • The availability of paid services along with some free of charge.

Seasoned dudes can give some more tips on how to define a reputable hookup app. However, provided guys take into account the main criteria given above, it, certainly, will help them to achieve their aims fast and without any negative experience.

It’s also worth keeping in mind that a good dating app, as a rule, provides the members not only the opportunities to get to know each other and interact online but also a lot of helpful sections. They are the following:

  • A blog with articles devoted to dating and hookup issues
  • Success stories of ex-members of both genders
  • News regarding the app and dating subject on the whole
  • Some advice of adepts on how to be successful in dating.Reputable Asian dating apps

How to avoid encountering scammers?

Dating apps appeared later than websites. Yet their popularity has been growing a lot more rapidly. The reason for that is explainable enough. Apps are, of course, much easier to use, and due to smartphones, they are almost always at hand.

The popularity encouraged swindlers of different genders but, in particular, females to download international platforms to get overseas guys out of their money. At first, scammers were quite successful in their hunt for well-off foreign men.

Nevertheless, to hold their male customers, apps and websites gradually managed to work out some cutting-edge security regulations that help guys to slide out fraudulence:

  • Checking female users’ profiles and pics with help of special verifying process
  • Paid services that are not appropriate for shady gals who seek freebie
  • Checking females’ pics with the updated technique that allows users along with the administration to define whether the exact photo belongs to the woman created her account on the app or to another person whose image has been stolen on the Internet and used to draw fellows’ attention
  • Video chat and Skype interaction that let guys see whether the dater is real or just a fake
  • The random or moderated matching mode that accelerates the process of acquaintance.

Of course, nobody is immune. Yet if men are careful about scams without any excessive suspiciousness, doubtlessly, they will manage to notice any cases of fraudulence and will manage to cope with the issue fast and successfully.

How to get ready for interaction on dating apps?

Before singling out an appropriate hookup app, guys need to prepare for online communication since it has some specific features. Without getting ready, dudes run the risk of failing. Therefore, they should take the following steps:

  • Get to know the interface, rules, and safety system of the chosen app
  • Take pictures of yourself with your smartphone or another gadget so that female users can see your face acutely without getting photoshopped
  • Single out the main personality traits of yours to write them in your dating app profile
  • Do not forget to point out your targets for which you downloaded the app.

A bit of important advice: Provided you are in search of an Asian woman to date or hook up with, try to learn at least some common and simple phrases to start the interaction with her. It, certainly, will show the female that you respect her at the very beginning of your relationships.

The preparation also suggests that men should work on their image. They will use video while interacting online. Moreover, finally, offline dating expects them. Therefore, success depends on males’ looks, perhaps, not 100% but quite much.

Asian women won’t be attracted to men only because of the fact that they are from Western countries. Even American or European dudes need to make effort to get sexy Asian girls to take a sincere interest in the exact guy’s personality.

The image of up-to-date man is comprised both of looks and personal attributes. So, dudes need to know that Asian women pay attention to lads that meet their relatively simple requirements:

  • Guys have got to be at least a bit muscular
  • Well-toned
  • Intellectual and knowledgeable
  • Computer friendly
  • Good at mending household appliances and electric equipment
  • Stylishly-dressed and perfectly groomed without overdoing
  • Witty and with a good sense of humor.

If guys consider that women’s requirements seem excessively severe, they are mistaken. Asian women don’t expect dudes to have all the mentioned features. Yet the more attributes guys possess, the more odds to be successful in the online dating they have.least from Asian countries

Overseas men in search of attractive Asian women

Asia is a miraculous continent. It has the largest population – over 4.56 billion people. Eight such countries as the USA can be placed on its territory. The most populated Asian nations live there: the Indians, Chinese, Indonesians, Pakistani, Japanese, etc.

Asian women are considered very attractive. Men have really a huge choice of female types that they can find in different countries on that continent. Whatever looks guys prefer, they, definitely, will come across the desired image on hookup apps. The same regards to Asian women’s personal attributes. Overseas dudes especially appreciate the following of females’ traits:

  • Extremely patient
  • Very domestic even in urban places
  • Fairly careful when coming for the family, husband, elderly parents, and kids
  • Timid and naturally shy
  • Keeping up with the time and simultaneously following old traditions of their nations.

There are huge differences between Asian women. For instance, those females who live in China or Japan can seem quite similar to each other, as Western men perceive them. However, in fact, these two nations are very different when it comes to looks, traditions, cuisine, culture, etc. The same regards to women of other Asian nations.

Top 5 Asian dating apps

Once overseas men have looked into particularities of contemporary Asian women, high time dudes focused on their purposes for downloading the hookup apps that meet their desires and interests. There is a huge array of dating apps ratings available.

Guys can just focus on them, look into the information about various platforms and take their choice. The list of Asian dating apps that more often than others have been mentioned includes the following:

  • Asia Friend Finder
  • Truly Asian
  • Asian Date
  • Heyyy

App members’ activities available are quite diverse. Nevertheless, there are some of them which are similar and can be found on each platform mentioned above:

  • Creation of a free member’s profile
  • Sending and getting messages, interest winks, emails
  • The opportunity to block any member in case anything starts going awry
  • Live and video chats
  • Browsing other members’ profiles.

Some dating apps also give the opportunity to comment on other users’ profiles, reply to the detailed questions of a special survey or record a video introduction.get sexy Asian girls

Asia Friend Finder

Initially founded in 1996 as a website, over the course of time, AsiaFriendFinder has turned into one of the most popular international dating apps. Now, its member base counts over 7.5 million singles of both genders from the UK, China, Canada, Japan, the USA, South Korea, and some other countries most of which are located in Asia.

Membership is free here. Nonetheless, most of the services are paid – 14.99 dollars monthly. Members can join groups available on the app. Users unite according to their enthusiasms, hobbies, interests, passions, and views. Members can also get involved in forums created by the most active daters.

Truly Asian

That’s a legit app launched in 2014. Now it has over 400 000 singed up members from Malaysia, Europe, China, the USA, Vietnam, Indonesia, Thailand, and the Philippines. To help international users to overcome language barriers, there is a specials translation service available.

Members can easily filter their search by resorting to the help of filters. They give users the opportunity to apply such criteria as a country, body type, city, religion, or age. Quite many members combine their interaction on the app with chatting on Facebook or through WhatsApp.

Premium membership widens the ways of communication considerably. To get it, each user should pay 28.95 dollars every month. Most female members are from 22 to 28 years old. Men are more diverse when it comes to age.

Asian Date

This dating website was created in 2000. A bit later, the app was launched. The number of users is now over 20 million. Most of them are from China, the USA, and the Philippines. Nevertheless, overseas men can easily find girls and young women from many other Asian countries here.

Applying to the Delivery service available on Asian Date, guys send not only virtual but also genuine gifts and flowers. The Cam Share gives the opportunity to chat via webcams if both interlocutors are equipped with this gadget. Men registered on Asian Date are of diverse age whereas most females are form 19 to 30 years old.


This dating app with a funny name is absolutely free. Members don’t indeed pay for all the services available starting with swapping messages and finishing with Cam Share. The platform was successfully launched in 2015.

The main aim of Heyyy is just to help males from the USA, Australia, and other Western countries to get acquainted with good-looking and easy-going Asian women. The filter elaborated by high-skilled programmers gives guys the option to seek girls with desired age and location.


This international app was initially established in 1998 as a dating website. Most of its members live in Europe, North America, Asia Pacific, or South America. All the users’ profiles are actual and verified. The procedure of verification regularly repeats, therefore, members have very few chances to come across scams.

Translating service is free. It enables members to feel comfortable while interacting and swapping messages with Asian women from any country. Most of the services on the app are paid. It frightens away freeloaders and swindlers. Progressive technology used on the app allows members to get personalized matches based on the exact person’s preferences.

Final tips

There are some other popular hookup sites and apps available on the contemporary dating market. For instance, Pairs, Zoosk, Tinder, Brillic, etc. Yet their users focus not only on Asian women but on females worldwide.

The online interaction gives apps’ members a great opportunity to get to know each other before meeting up in-person. How fast offline date will take place and how successful it’ll be, it always depends on the sincerity, openness, and honesty of both members involved in the communication.

Otherwise, their desires to meet up, hook up, or hang out will just fail. To download any app is very easy, it’s a lot harder to draw the opposite sex’s attention. Nevertheless, active interaction and friendly approach will bring a lucky member success.


  1. Anonymous

    The only method it really works out for your guy is that if he too doesn’t have difficulties getting other women. You don’t want see your only “benefit” getting with some other dudes unless if you’re receiving with some other women. Or else you just get hateful and jealous.

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    Free online dating sites can also help to create a strong bond between the two of you. The support that comes from working with someone who is looking for a partner is invaluable. This bond is a critical component in most relationships.

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  5. Anonymous

    Individuals of Asian descent are more likely to be seen as being wealthy and successful. It is not uncommon for individuals of Asian descent to be perceived as quite smart. Many singles view these Asian singles as being very intelligent. To increase the chance of finding a potential partner within your own ethnic group, you may want to use the more popular online dating services.

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  9. Anonymous

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  14. Anonymous

    Online dating for Asian singles is difficult for couples. It requires close communication and consistent effort to make it work. If you already have an existing relationship, it may be possible to work through the rules and regulations of online dating for Asian singles. In some cases, dating sites have their own in-house staff to handle potential conflicts between the couple. In others, they may send someone to the site for the couple to communicate.

  15. Anonymous

    Online dating for Asian singles is a popular concept in the West. While there are Asian people that take part in online dating, it is generally less common. One reason why this trend is not widespread is because there are numerous other options out there. It makes more sense to limit one’s search to those that are available within your area of origin.

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    There are several Asian dating services that cater to people of all ethnic groups. When it comes to finding your ideal partner, it is always good to choose a service that caters to the best matching between you and your potential partner. A general rule is that the service that offers the most compatibility is the best match. In general, people tend to find their partners more through the online dating sites that are associated with a particular ethnicity.

  19. Anonymous

    These are just a few examples of the information that you can give when signing up for the online dating service. When using online dating for Asian singles, you will want to be aware of the kind of preferences that are common among singles from your own ethnic group.

  20. Anonymous

    In Korea, people who belong to the Korean community are able to create online dating profiles and create their own profiles. Those of Asian descent can also do this, however the response rates tend to be lower. Though it is hard to understand, there is no cause for alarm if your profile does not get any responses, there are services that will be willing to work with you to find the person that you are looking for.

  21. Anonymous

    Online dating for Asian singles is not difficult, but it is relatively easy to attract negative attention from someone that you have never met before. So it is important to select the right online dating service for your situation. Do not be afraid to choose the Asian dating site that offers everything you need and want.

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    Most matchmaker sites allow you to set up a personal profile where you can include photos. You can list your interests, give your hobbies, and choose the area where you live. You can also enter the places that you have visited. and even specify whether or not you are interested in getting married.

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    Local community members who have been dating online for a while might understand this concept better than those new to the online dating scene. It should be noted that there are also different kinds of dating options in various cities. Online matches from different parts of the country are not always going to fit the same criteria.

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