How to turn a hookup into a relationship: the best tutorial

Sometimes we like our hookup too much and want to take it to the next level. There’s nothing wrong if a person isn’t taken and this wish is mutual, but the right steps should help make it happen.

Add more romance

Hookups for Thai women are rarely romantic. People prefer to keep them brief and straight to the point. If you add some flowers, candlelight, souvenirs, it will already look romantic enough for the relationship.

Prolong the foreplay

Casual sex is always about physical satisfaction. The elements of tenderness such as long kisses, cuddling, caressing your partner’s hair, will create more trustful togetherness.

Spend time together

The main difference between hookups and relationships is spending quality time together. Attend the events of culture, walk on a beach, meet up just for seeing each other.

Guess the wishes

When we love, we become intuitive. Learning about a person’s childhood and character allow us to guess someone’s dreams and interests. Then we can do more for them and show our care.

Discuss the plans

There’s not much planning in casual affairs, but when we date, we plan a lot. Discuss your tomorrow, the next weekend, the next vacation together, or more serious plans.

Before you meet someone in person, it is best to go on an online date first and hookup. You will be able to see if that person is the one you really want to date. If you decide that it was a good date you should go on another date with the same person or a new friend. By meeting in a public place and on a date online you can see if there will be chemistry between you and the other person. You can also see if you want to take the date further and meet in person in order to get more serious with the person.


  1. Cook

    A committed relationship is different from dating, wherein the people involved make decisions together.

  2. John

    Dating involves consideration for the other person and is generally considered to be an enjoyable activity.

  3. Adkins

    The woman or man may date more than one person at a time, or even have a romantic relationship with more than one person.

  4. Alfred

    In either situation, it is important that the two individuals understand each other and their needs and expectations.

  5. Lula

    The only way to make sure your partner is a healthy and STI-free person is to let him/her know what your intentions are upfront.

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