How to make a Vietnam hookup outside of Vietnam

Vietnam hookup

There are as many preferences as there are people. It’s fine to be fond of the Vietnamese culture or Vietnamese people and want to date them. Vietnam itself, however, isn’t the best environment to do it, there are many reasons why you wouldn’t want or be able to come to this country just for a Vietnam hookup.

Obviously, coming to this country for a Vietnam hookup isn’t mandatory. Nowadays, it’s fairly easy to find a Vietnamese person outside of their homeland (which actually brings a lot of benefits). However, it’s not always easy to do so. Even off the top of your head, you can tell there will be several obstacles you’ll have to overcome first.

Let’s see how difficult is it to make a Vietnam hookup outside of Vietnam, and exactly how to do it.

Why Vietnam isn’t the best place for a Vietnam hookup

It’s not much of a secret why you may not like Vietnam that much. Half of the notions an average person has about this country are true. It’s a fairly interesting place, but also a backward country. Visiting it is a great experience, but there are better alternatives to stay in.

Unless you’re terribly interested in the local history and culture, there isn’t much to do here, sadly.

The exact reasons

The country itself is pretty comfortable, don’t get the wrong idea. But if one of the main reasons you came here is to make a Vietnam hookup, it may not work as planned. There are reasons, of course:

  1. The country is barely bilingual— only a handful of people is able to speak English;
  2. The country is sparsely Internet-connected. The sheer number of Vietnamese users is great — about 70% of the population uses it to some degree or another, but only a small portion of them uses the western dating apps we’re all used to. They are niche, basically;
  3. The country isn’t exactly the best destination for dating tourism. You’ll likely be successful, but a lot of time and nerves will be lost before that

The alternative is simple – you have to look abroad for the Vietnamese people you’re so fond of. This again brings us to the head question.

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How do you find the Vietnamese to date

Looking for the Vietnamese to date sounds for like a quest than a process — there aren’t many leads to cling to at first. But if you use the tools and research properly, you can achieve anything. First of all, you need to know where to look. And you’re lucky on that front.

The countries where Vietnamese live

Apart from the traditional area of habitat for most Vietnamese people — Vietnam itself and the neighboring countries — there are several large Vietnamese communities far abroad, most notably, in the United States.

If you’re an American, there is a lot of demographic websites showing where the large communities of Vietnamese immigrants live in the US. Traveling to any of these sights is probably more preferable than traveling all the way to Vietnam. This way, you’ll know the people are speaking English, and they are obviously much closer to where you live.

Outside of America

The Europeans aren’t as fortunate, however. France and Russia are the only countries that the sizeable Vietnamese communities have blessed with their presence. France has the largest diaspora in Europe — 300.000 Vietnamese chose her as their home. You can safely find a lot of them in a Quartier Asiatique in Paris, as well as numerous other cities and towns.

Russia has half that number. About 2/3 of the local Vietnamese people live in the capital, Moscow. This is both convenient and nightmarish. It implies most of them live in the same city, but this city is also the most spacious in Europe.

Outside of Europe, Australia is home to roughly 250.000 Vietnamese, which is fortunate. It’s a relatively large number to operate, especially since there aren’t many cities in Australia, despite its size.

What to do with this information

If you live in one of these countries, you can find a person close to you (in every sense) and arrange a date. In most cases, it won’t be too hard, considering you live in one country. This information, however, is just the tip of an iceberg. You can research further and find out if your own region or city is home to Vietnamese people.

If you’ve already met a lovely Viet in a country nearby (or if you badly want to meet one), you certainly can travel a bit longer to meet your partner. But only if you know you’ll like her and if it’s not too far away.

Don’t be obsessive, this endeavor is not exactly risk-proof.

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Your tools

There are several trusty dating tools you can employ for a Vietnam hookup. They vary depending on the case, so you estimate your situation and pick a few.

‘There are Viets in my city’

Say, you know there is a Vietnamese community nearby, and you want to find a lovely lady among them. It’s not as hard as it sounds, you just need to install the correct app to help you.

There is a couple of very helpful and popular dating apps where you can choose the exact type of matches you want to see. Badoo — the most-downloaded dating app in the world — allows, for example, to choose a person’s interests, characteristics, as well as the language they can speak.

You guessed it — you can set the exact extent of your city (the search distance around you) and add the Vietnamese to the list of possible spoken language. The problem is, not a lot of them add the Vietnamese to the spoken language. In some apps, you can specifically say you’re a Viet, but not many people do it either.

If you didn’t find someone you really liked because of this, there is an alternative way.

The manual way

You can play around with the settings and fiddle with the characteristics that suit the Vietnamese the most. For instance:

  1. The ethnicity/the race: Viet or Asian (depending on the options);
  2. Hash-tags and interests.Though these aren’t exactly meant for such purposes. You can decorate your profile with the hash-tags (in Badoo) or ‘interests’ that say things like ‘Vietnam’ or ‘Vietnamese’. Many people do that, for some reason;
  3. The city.In many apps, you can indicate your ‘city’. It won’t change your actual position on the map, instead, it shows other users where you usually live or where your homeland is. Try different Vietnamese cities, some people may just be nostalgic enough

Of course, the setting can’t align perfectly. The app may not have an ‘ethnicity’ option, in this case, you can just set ‘Asian’ as your preference (if the app has it) and keep your eyes peeled for the Viet names. It’s simple, because, unlike many other languages from the Far East, the Vietnamese language uses the Latin alphabet.

Use the options you have and think logically. Of course, it may be just a waste of time if your app has a limited amount of options, but it’s certainly worth a shot.

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Search in social media

The same tricks can be done in social media. There, however, you may not be as lucky to make a Vietnam hookup, because an average user doesn’t visit websites like Facebook to get a date.

Plug the social network most popular in your area and pay a visit to its search algorithms. Fortunately, these are much more intricate and thorough than their counterparts in the dating apps. Here, you can choose both the city you want to investigate, the languages and the names.

Most social media don’t have an ethnicity option, but the majority still allows you to indicate the languages you’re speaking. In this case, you need the Vietnamese. Look for the people that speak this language in your area or in the big cities close-by. If you found someone you like — congratulations, the rest is up to you.

If not, you can still try a few first and second names. Luckily, there are several very popular Vietnamese names that sometimes seem to be the only names they use (like, Nguyễn, Trần, Lê, Phạm, Hoàng, Phan, and a lot more).

If even this little trick fails to bring results, you can always see the elusive matches in the ‘friends’ list of the Viets you’ve already found. Additionally, you’ll likely see a few exclusively Vietnamese online communities where you can find more people.

Don’t think of it as stalking, if you want to find a Viet person, you need to find someone to whom you could relate. Look at their interests, hobbies, and what they like.

Find people offline

Certainly, it’s not mandatory to look for possible matches online, you can always do it the old way — come up to people in public places and start a conversation. In this case, all you need to do is find out where the Viets hang out. If your city has a Viet or an Asian district — all the better for you.

It’s not too hard to find a Viet establishment. As mentioned, the Viet language uses the Latin alphabet. Don’t hesitate to visit the cafes, bars, and other public places with Vietnamese heritage — they won’t turn away the potential customer, nor will you seem out-of-place for anyone.

On the contrary, most people will either not give you much heed or be glad you’re there. If you behave properly, the locals will assume you are interested in their culture. And it’s rarely discouraged by people around.

It’s up to you to figure out where it’s best to try a Vietnam hookup. After all, it’s your city. If you have no clue, try seeing how other people review different establishments online. This should give you a picture.

How to start a conversation

Even when you’ve found someone you liked, there are challenges. For instance, how do you start a conversation with a Viet? If you were in Vietnam, you could ask someone about the local sights, customs, myths, stereotypes, and so on.

With the emigrants, you can’t do it as smoothly. Asking Viet emigrants about different aspects of their culture may seem intrusive. After all, you’re not a tourist. Why seek out a Vietnamese person specifically to ask about Vietnam (which they might not even remember). You can do it after you started dating, it’ll be a good touch.

But for starters, you need common interests. That’s why it’s so crucial to find people according to their interests and hobbies, not only based on how they look. Badoo helps with it magnanimously. You can seek out people by their narrowest interests (the only requirement is that they indicate it at their profile).

Sure, you can kick off a Vietnam hookup by asking people about their culture and homeland. But for that, they need to be tourists or visitors. It’s alright in this case because tourists are usually eager to learn and tell.

In conclusion

These were pretty much all the rises and tricks you can use to find the Vietnamese people outside of Vietnam for romantic purposes. Of course, you can think of something yourself. It’s all too easy if you already have a Viet acquaintance you like. The circumstances can be wildly different, in the end, it’s up to you to figure it all out.

Well, that’s it for this article. But if you want to know a bit more about online dating and hot to use it well, you can check out the video below and those adjacent to it for some more information on the subject:

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