Common mistakes to avoid when planning a Thai hookup

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Thai hookup with a local beauty: top mistakes to avoid

When you plan a Thai hookup, there are common misconceptions and mistakes that can come on the way. Cultural differences can ruin any relationship, whether it’s all about casual dating or long term romance. Let’s have a closer look at mistakes to avoid when arranging a quick hookup with a Thai woman.

Not using dating sites prior to your visit

We can’t express how much easier your life is going to be if you only use a dating site before your trip to Thailand. Instead of approaching women randomly on the streets, in cafes and restaurants, nightclubs and bars, beaches and public gardens, you’ll have a list of contacts to get yourself busy with. Of course, one would say that is relatively easy to get a girl when in Thailand, but usually they are call girls who hang out in places to meet foreigners. If your standards are higher, you’ll want to associate with a decent woman.

And it takes time, effort and energy to find a decent woman for a quick and easy Thai hookup. If you’re on a short vacation or a business trip, you don’t have time to waste. That’s why it’s so much more referable to use a dating site prior to your visit. There are plenty of Thai women on most popular dating and hookup site, and it won’t be hard to establish a special connection with a few of them.

All you need to do is resister on a site, choose a free or paid membership, create an account and start contacting girls. Yes, it’s that simple. Besides, online dating is a lot of fun, and you’re going to love this experience. Usually Thai girls prefer to switch to Whatsapp after a few messages on a dating site, and you’ll have a pleasure of texting and even “sexting” to her, make limitless video calls, send pictures to each other and so on. Also, you’ll get the feel of what the Thai girls are like.

The most popular sites to meet Thai girls

The most popular sites to find a woman for a Thai hookup include Thai Cupid, Thai Flirting, Thai Kisses, Tinder and Badoo Thailand. Some of them are more hookup oriented whereas others are focused on long lasting romance, marriage and serious commitments. Usually there are plenty of girls on these sites, and their number far exceeds the number of registered male members. You understand that you’re going to be like a fish in the water on these sites, right?Asia Beauty woman healthy skin cosmetic spa concept

Assuming that Thai girls will be attracted to just any western man

If you think you can look like an ogre, weigh a ton, wear old dirty clothes and still get a young and beautiful Thai woman, this is not going to happen. Thai women pay a lot of attention to their appearance, and if one of them is going to appear with a man like that, she would have been laughed at. While it’s true that an average foreigner gets much more attention in Thailand, women do have their standards.

That’s why it’s advisable to pay a close attention to your appearance when visiting Thailand. Make sure to dress well and look as presentable and stylish as possible. It doesn’t mean you should overdress, but wearing a clean and neat outfit is a must. If you’re an older man who hopes to have a great Thai hookup with a younger woman, you should take the whole “looks” thing even more serious as there is plenty of competition from younger and fitter men, both foreign and Thai.

Women in Thailand don’t mind an age gap with a foreign man, if that man has something to offer in return. You should show sufficient energy levels, be able to have fun, and demonstrate a cheerful, lively attitude.

Thinking it’s all about money

Of course, it goes without saying that a lot of Thai girls are rather money minded. But can you really judge someone from a country with a poorer economy if they are not sure where their next meal is going to come from? After all, you’re taking advantage of how cheap Thailand is by getting a very affordable vacation.

Things are not that cheap for locals in Thailand, and it’s only logical that they are trying to improve their financial situation. Even so, not all the Thai women date western guys for their money. Sometimes a girl really likes him and doesn’t mind spending some quality time together.

Sometimes it’s just a cultural thing – a woman is curious what it is like to date someone from another culture. Sometimes it’s just a question of a status symbol and prestige – dating a foreign man is considered a great thing in this country, even if he’s there merely for a casual Thai hookup.

You don’t have to spend too much when hooking up with a Thai woman if you don’t feel too. It’s highly unlikely she expects you to give her money, if she’s a decent woman, but if you pay for dinners, coffees, movies and night club passes, it’s perfectly acceptable.

Also, you don’t have to buy an y expensive gifts for a Thai girl like smartphones, jewellery, costly clothes, laptops and so on. However, if you feel like making her a small and cute gift, she’ll appreciate that. You could give her a purse or some nice cosmetics, for example.asian couple sex

Treating her disrespectfully

Thai women are very placid, friendly and amiable towards foreigners, but they are also capable of displaying outbursts of anger. One thing that can make them really irritated is lack of respect from your side. If you don’t behave in a gentleman-like manner, the chances are that a Thai girl will not have anything to do with you a lot.

Make sure you demonstrate perfect manners and treat her nicely if you hope to have an easy Thai hookup. Don’t assume that a person you’re with is somehow “lesser” than you only because she had a different education and does things differently. Of course, we have our own standards and norms, and sometimes you can’t help feeling your own superiority, but it’s strongly recommended to suppress such feelings at once. You don’t go to another country with this kind of attitude, it’s simply not ethical.

Hoping a Thai girl will speak good English

A lot of tourists assume that people in Thailand speak sufficient English to hold a meaningful conversation. And how disappointed they are when they discover it’s actually not true. They do speak English in Thailand, especially in big cities and touristic hot spots like Bangkok, Pattaya, Chiang Mai, Ko Chang or Phuket, but their skills are usually rather limited and accents are difficult to understand.

Sometimes it complicated matters to a significant extent when trying to arrange a Thai hookup. Just imagine, you approach a girl with a perfect pick up line you’ve carefully selected for the occasion, and she gives you a blank look. Under such circumstances, it’s advisable to keep things as simple as possible.

Try to avoid long words and complicated constructions. Imagine yourself trying to speak Russian or Greek, and act accordingly. Don’t get irritated that not everyone in the world speaks English. After all, it’s you who came to Thailand, and you don’t speak Thai language.

Agreeing to do things you don’t want to do

You’re a new person in the country, and you don’t know anything about the local customs and traditions. You don’t know anything about their way of life. If a girl you hope to have a Thai hookup with is trying to convince you to do something you’re not comfortable with, you don’t have to do it.

Even if she tries to rationalise with you by saying it’s the way something is done in Thailand, you don’t have to give in. If you don’t agree with something in your homeland, there is no reason why you should agree with this in Thailand. Use your common sense and logic and act accordingly, even if people tell you that you don’t undated Thai culture. Of course, you’re in danger of losing the opportunity of an easy Thai hookup, but who cares? You can always find someone more understanding and asian hookups

Hurrying her to have sex

If you choose to associate with a working girl, expect to have sex within fifteen minutes after you approached her (or rather she approached you). However, if you want to hookup with a good girl, it takes a bit longer than that. Sometimes you can have sex with a Thai women that very day, sometimes it will take a few dates to make her feel more comfortable.

The key is to be a gentleman and avoid forcing her no matter what. A Thai woman may appreciate a man being assertive, confident, and decisive, but she won’t tolerate aggression where sex is concerned. Rudeness is absolutely unacceptable in Thai culture, and you will look ridiculous if you try being rude with a Thai girl.

What you should do is observe her body language and reactions on everything you do and say. If she doesn’t shy away from touching you, if she laughs at your jokes even if she doesn’t understand them, if she smiles at you and keep the eye contact, it’s obvious that she wants you. In this case you can make sexual advances whether it’s your first date or fifth one. That said, you shouldn’t kiss her in public or touch inappropriately – people in Thailand are rather conservative when it comes to relationships between men and women.

Talking badly about her homeland and culture

Even if an average Thai woman is willing to leave her homeland for marriage or better job opportunities, she’s still extremely patriotic, and she won’t tolerate anyone speaking badly about her country. Yes, Asia as a whole and Thailand in particular can be a bit overwhelming, but even if you’re very frustrated, a Thai girl is the wrong person to complain to.

Pour it out to your friend or someone back at home, but not to a woman you’re going to have a great Thai hookup with. Don’t make any jokes that she may find insulting or inappropriate. Use the worlds carefully when talking to a person from an alien culture. Don’t forget that many people in Thailand have difficulties speaking and understanding English, so words and expressions with double meaning are better avoided.

Most Thai women are exceedingly loyal to the culture of their nation. They are proud of their national cuisine, language, history and nature. Thailand is a splendid country, and they would like you to see it this way.

Raising touchy subjects

Even if you find a Thai girl unbearably charming and relaxed, raising touchy subjects like sex is not a wise thing to do. It’s advisable to refrain from such topics until you actually have physical intimacy with a woman. You don’t want her to feel embarrassed and uncomfortable on a date with you, right? There are plenty of neutral subjects to discuss, or you can simply ask her questions about her life, job, hobbies and interest in order to get to know her hookups

Agreeing to being introduced to her family

Sometimes a girl may offer to introduce you to her parents. Most probably you’d be puzzled with such an offer. If you’re planning to have just a quick Thai hookup with a girl, don’t agree to meet her family under any circumstances.

First of all, make sure she understands it’s just for fun and you don’t have any plans of matrimony at present. Because when a man meets a girl’s parents, it only means one thing – he’s determined to become a member of this family. According to the Thai culture, a marriage should be occurring soon afterwards.

Assuming you’ll never fall in love

Even if you’re sure there is no sufficient mental and emotional connection between you and a Thai girl you are hooking up with, you may still find yourself madly in love with her. There are plenty of ways a Thai girl may steal your heart away – with her pleasant sincere smile, with her feminine beauty, with her manner of always speaking politely, with her sincere feelings towards you…

And with the way she tries to please you in bed, of course. In such case, you should ask yourself whether you’re ready to take this relationship to the whole new level. If you are, then go for it by all means. Thai women are incredible girlfriends and wives. If you’re not, than having you’d better arrange your subsequent hookups elsewhere.

We’ve pointed out a few mistakes you should avoid when going for some casual dating with a Thai woman. Keep them in mind and have fun!

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