Can you post pictures of your hookup on social media

For different reasons, we may want to show up our casual lover publicly. It happens when we aren’t concerned by anonymity or feeling too proud of our hookup’s hotness or young age.

However, there are many nuances we need to consider. In a hookup culture, anonymity is one of the main rules. As well as mutual respect and minding each other’s personal space.

Let’s recall that hookup conditions usually include being secretive and impersonal. It’s in fact the basis of casual sex affairs. Risking someone’s privacy just for the sake of your pride might be wrongful.

It’s another situation if you’re posting a selfie of the two of you and you both consider your couple friends with benefits. Making this person’s photo public requires his or her permission though.

If it’s not the case and you just hookuped once or going to do that infrequently without any obligations, posting your lover’s photo is nearly unacceptable. Discuss your intention in advance.

Most often, this wish will be perceived by another side as an advertisement of your sexual skills and black PR of the person you’re posting.

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