Best 3 Asian dating apps for every taste

single women in Asia

Why are Asian brides so attractive to us?

Top Asian dating platforms you’re gonna like

No. 3. AsianDating

No. 2. Paktor

No. 1. Brilic

Are Asian beauties good for hookups?

Traditional Asian countries: how to find a lover?



Why are Asian brides so attractive to us?

Meeting hot Asian girls is a dream of many men, and it’s hard to believe that just a few decades ago, one had to travel such a long way just to take a chance. Today, the process is greatly automatized.

Having such a specific and introverted culture, Asian women fully opened into the world nonetheless, since their countries are highly technological and even produce some of those technologies.

So, very often we see that beautiful Asian females are even more modern than their western peers. They can discuss any topics, educate themselves well, and use gadgets a lot, including dating apps.

Is it safe to date Asian girlfriends online? Usually yes, since they do not tend to be the scam artists. Their mentality and traditions make them the most reliable ladies out there on the Internet.

Most frequently, Asian girls are raised to be modest, kind, caring, obedient, good-natured, very honest. Some can be a bit spoiled like South Korean or popular Filipina ones, but never too much.

What’s really unique about them, single women in Asia really have the ability to love and express a great tenderness. There’s no typical western indifference or ignorance in their behavior.

As dating experts say, westerners fly to Asian lovers like bees tohoney. This kind of dating brings such a comfort to men, such a feeling of satisfaction and fairness. So where do we meet them?

Meeting hot Asian girls

Top Asian dating platforms you’re gonna like

It’s interesting, but Asian girlfriends aren’t too picky when it comes to dating sites. They rather follow the fashion and sign up on high-rated applications that already recommended themselves well.

So, no wonder there are mostly well-known Asian apps in our list, you may have heard about some of them already. Dating specialists provide some instructions for their successful usage.

No. 3. AsianDating

It’s only logical to seek Asian hotties on the app with such a title. But let’s see what it really gives. The owner is Cupid Media which provides a high quality along with some commercial approach.

The base of female members is huge, and most of them are active. Male users report the girls are real, the communication with them is intense and effective, yet the chat history isn’t updated in time.

Reportedly, the safety level is quite high too as the users can easily report a catfisher or a suspicious account. The layout and interface are fairly simple and intuitive, so the app is very convenient.

No. 2. Paktor

Paktor is definitely a giant in Asian dating industry. It’s a very trendy app that is absolutely loved by Asian teens, matures, and seniors. Basically, it’s a Tinder analogue with swiping and random chats.

The app can be used for free but with limited features. It is credits-based so one needs quite a bunch if he’s going to use it extensively. Young Asian girls love it and use as one of social Asian girls

No. 1. Brilic

Brilic app is so universal for all kinds of purposes, it makes it number one Asian dating app for hookups and interracial marriages. The desktop version still has a romantic layout with Asian – American couple.

Brilic became a breakthrough in 2019 and it only strengthens its positions. Some hot girls choose this platform in order to protect themselves from non-serious males, since it’s an elite dating app.

Others like its informative part since Brilic is equipped with the best dating blog in several languages, and it fully replaces a visit to the relationship therapist. As you can see, Brilic has many pros.

beautiful Asian females

Are Asian beauties good for hookups?

People travel for fun, and only rarely for meeting a mail order bride. By the way, this definition rather means inviting a girl to your hometown, not vise-versa. While getaways are for always for casual sex.

Although it happens that some Asian hotties attract our attention too much and we get ready to keep them for as long as possible, it’s already a nice idea enough to at least have a one-night-stand.

Well, it is possible to do in an honest way, without tricking sexy women in Asia and pretending to be a prince charming for life. They are gradually becoming open-minded in this regard.

Of course, the very first places to recommend for visiting are Thailand and the Philippines. Thai is the top aim for sex tourism for European tourists, while the Philippines are popular among westerners.

The choice basically depends on the geographical closeness and the tickets cost, since both destinations are equally great for sex tourists. Just there are nuances for hookuping there.Asian apps

For example, Filipina girls hope very much to find a long-term partner or at least a regular sponsor, since they live extremely modestly and cannot stand loneliness, it’s against their genetics.

Yet, the youngest of them sometimes go casual hoping to get a free meal, but mostly because they have plenty of time ahead for finding a husband. Single mothers can accept hookuping as well.

One just needs to be gentle with them and not to scare them away with a too straightforward attitude. Asian culture is much milder in general, and delicate Filipina women aren’t an exception.

While in Thailand, things are even simpler, so many girls are raised to be professional masseurs and escorts. They do not have big expectations, and are pretty surprised when someone proposes to them.

In Thai, social classes are noticeably divided into higher and lower ones, which is of great help. Girls from better provided families who are able to study abroad, typically find European boyfriends.

As to the others, they are happy to serve a foreigner and do not wait for greater things. No extra efforts are needed to hookup Thai girls, just smile and have some small cash or a souvenir with you.


Traditional Asian countries: how to find a lover?

There are less touristic countries such as China, Japan, Singapore, Hongkong. People do travel there for sightseeing or jobs but these trips take place all year round, not just during some season.

Consequently, hot Asian girls in these countries aren’t that widely available for tourists. They need some longer courtship, more profound talks, sweeter behavior do get seduced, so put some efforts.

Many of them are registered on top dating apps, so they’re theoretically ready to meet a foreigner. It’s interesting that in each country, girls have their own reasons to be interested in westerners.

In China, men become more interested in Russian and European blondes nowadays, it’s a statistical fact. While Chinese women don’t like the governmental restrictions and focus on relocation.

In Japan, Singapore, Hongkong girls live pretty well and there’s no keen need for them to move, but all of them report that local men are somewhat boring and primitive, also treat them like sexy flesh.

So there is a hint for you: if you’re gallant, respectful, patient enough to discuss the girls’ hobbies and interests, they will know you appreciate them as personalities, and get intimate faster.

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