Asian women vs Russian women: who’s hotter?

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Why are they equally popular among singles?

How to conquer an Asian girl vs Russian?

Should a man learn the girls’ culture?

What are the nuances of Asian dating vs Russian?


Why are they equally popular among singles?

When western men find themselves adventurous enough for dating a foreign girl, they often choose either Russian or Asian girls. Are there similarities between them, and what makes them attractive?

Both Russian and Asian women are exceptionally feminine, loyal, determined to satisfy their partner in all areas of life, not only in a bed. These precious qualities aren’t found anymore in the west.

Do Russian and Asian females look similarly? Only partially, since those are two different races. Russians are Slavs and Caucasians, but there’s some exotic influence of Tatar and Mongolian genetics too.

Both types of women are slim and tend to stay slim through the years. Just Asian girls are less curvy than Russian beauties, but there are exceptions when women in Asia look like perfectly shaped dolls.

Many beautiful girls in Russia are dark-haired, with high cheekbones and almond shaped eyes, yet this type of the face differs from the Asian one. And certainly, natural blondes in Russia prevail.

The divorce rate in Asia is low, yet sexy women are showing the tendency to prefer westerners. While in Russia, divorces take place all the time and usually because of men’s hard-drinking habits.

It leads to the assumption that both categories of women are faithful by nature and family-oriented, or at least focused on men’s needs even if they meet just for hookups. It really unites them.

Russian or Asian girls

How to conquer an Asian girl vs Russian?

International dating blogs always contain useful tutorials for conquering hot girls of other nationalities. It’s as helpful as travel tips since such women’s mentalities differ from western thinking.

Let’s see which main qualities of Russian and Asian girls are coinciding. Women in Asia are considered very modest and shy, they only accept the first steps from a man, it’s a part of their culture.

Russian brides are certainly very different. Although not as straightforward as girls in central Europe, women in Russia are still very confident and can initiate the relationship if they’re interested.

In Asia, it’s a real taboo. Girls are taught to think that a kiss is only sexy if a man steal it without their awareness. They usually play innocence and some anger when it happens, but it’s a social game.

It leads us to the fact that Asian women are submissive. Yes they are, and they are appreciated by men worldwide for that. Yet, the more cosmopolitan a girl is, the more she is open for sexual in Asia is easier

Although Russian women are raised in a patriarchal society, they cannot be called exactly submissive. They are obedient and devoted, focused on their man, yet like equality in intimate matters.

Submissive or dominating Russian girls can be found on specialized dating apps or in themed clubs, but not right on the street. They are passionate yet classical in their sexual preferences.

It basically means that Asian females and Eastern European brides should be treated differently, in order to fancy them or seduce them. One needs the opposite strategies for succeeding in that.

Since women in Asia like a man’s social and mental power and dominance, one should be very confident and persistent with them. Remember that their rejection is just a social role they play.

Unless they have a serious boyfriend and it prevents them from responding to your desires, Asian girls are normally answering positively to the courtship if a man keeps on insisting.

It’s indeed very encouraging! Since Russian women are much more enigmatic and selective, if they refuse, it often means there are no more chances in near future. In this regard, dating in Asia is easier.

Eastern European brides

Should a man learn the girls’ culture?

Russian culture is indeed profound and many-levelled, can’t be fully learned even for the whole life. But it’s also true that modern Russian girls do not demand that. They’re just more thoughtful.

It’s necessary to mention your favorite book or documentary when talking to them. Also it’s considered polite if you know at least the basics about Russian cuisine, geography, a couple of local songs.

Asian culture is quite profound as well, and just a few decades ago, it was impossible to imagine Asian beauties out of their traditions. Their admirers had to know all nuances of that culture.

In fact, back ago women in Asia weren’t that available for the foreigners, except for the cases when men could guarantee them a very good living with their wealth. Today, it all changed.

Partially thanks to the over-population of all Asian nationalities, these beautiful women aren’t that geographically and culturally isolated anymore. Quite the opposite, they merge with other cultures a lot.

Modern Asian girls travel and relocate with educational and marital purposes, to all end of the Earth. They choose the US, UK, Canada, or Eastern Europe for that, depending on their possibilities.

Dating experts admit, Asian women are more impressed by your knowledge of their modern realities than by your super erudition covering the ancient times in Asia. Be cool and fancy with them.

Asian dating vs Russian

What are the nuances of Asian dating vs Russian?

Although it’s always possible to hookup in Asia or Russia and many men travelers do, the majority of these women are focused on lasting relationships. And here is where the cultural differences hide.

Let’s take a look at real examples only, gathered by dating specialists. A Swiss man considered non-appropriate when a Russian woman was going to take shower in his rented apartment.

She then was going to cook for him and make the place comfortable in general. Independent western and European men perceive such a behavior as invasion of their private territory.

The same comes to the frequent question from Russian brides, is your house sufficient for us two, or for us three with my current child, with our future child? Men do not like such questions.

While it’s a very typical thinking for women in Russia, for many reasons. They have a kind of special settings in their mind, that each admirer is potentially their life partner, so they visualize it in detail.

Even if you’re still strangers to each other, they include everything you have into their romantic dreams and visualizations. So they happen to be seriously hurt if a man doesn’t share these sweet plans.

If you get ready to this nuance with the help of dating blogs you read, then you will easily find proper diplomatic answers to the girls’ questions and your growing trust won’t be interrupted.

On another hand, Asian girls play independence until the end, but it’s also just a mask. Their culture is deeply patriarchal, even successful businesswomen are no more than rich daughters or wives.

Their wealth is often partially inherited and has a corporative character, so in their minds, they completely depend on their men. Things are even more complicated with poorer Asian girls though.

Their society taught them to be proud, so they can easily come to a date in old clothes although it doesn’t look elegant, or pretend they aren’t hungry while they are nearly blackened out of starving.

Men who date in underdeveloped Asian countries, already know about this nuance and meet a girl with the sandwich. It isn’t weird at all, in their culture it’s super cute and shows a man’s care.

In countries like the Philippines, it isn’t costly at all to arrange the shopping for a girl you like, since they don’t mind simple dresses from the local open market. In return, they satisfy you to the fullest.


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